Hubei Pearl Meatballs<br />湖北名菜 珍珠圆子

Hubei Pearl Meatballs
湖北名菜 珍珠圆子

A classic Hubei dish of steamed meatballs coated in a shimmering layer of glutinous rice. These pearl meatballs have a long history from the royal kitchens of imperial China to modern state dinners. But they’re festive, celebratory, and easy to make, so they’re the perfect choice for your next banquet.

Hubei “Steam Water” Meat Custard (Qi Shui Rou)<br />湖北名菜 汽水肉

Hubei “Steam Water” Meat Custard (Qi Shui Rou)
湖北名菜 汽水肉

“Steam water” meat is a delicate, savory steamed meat and egg custard, kind of a mash-up of steamed meatloaf and Japanese chawanmushi (steamed egg custard). Although it’s a 名菜 famous dish in 武汉 Wuhan and across 湖北 Hubei province, it’s rarely found elsewhere at even the most authentic Chinese restaurants. Like Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles 武汉热干面, this is a regionally specific dish that is simultaneously well-known and hard-to-find.

Wuhan’s Famous Hot Dry Noodles 献给妈妈的武汉热干面

Wuhan’s Famous Hot Dry Noodles 献给妈妈的武汉热干面

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m making Wuhan’s famous breakfast noodle for my mom. Hot dry noodles, one of the top 5 noodles in Chinese cuisine, are surprisingly easy to make at home! I also included substitutions for the authentic ingredients with readily available options from conventional grocery stores.