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oil, salt, soy, vinegar 油盐酱醋, the basic ingredients for Chinese cooking

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Looking to stock your pantry for Chinese cooking? Here is a shopping list of the Chinese ingredients I use in my kitchen! In addition, I’ve written detailed ingredient descriptions my Essential Ingredients Part I and Part II series. Please visit those pages to learn more about what these ingredients are and how they’re used.

These picks are not sponsored by any brands… just the results of lots of testing by a very picky home cook! I hope these online shopping resources are helpful to you.

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Many of the links in my essential Chinese ingredients shopping list below are affiliate links: the seller pays me a small commission if you click my link and buy something. Please know that I only picked websites I trust and use myself, where online prices are similar to brick-and-mortar. The price you pay is exactly the same, and any sales or promos still apply.

Chinese Pantry Items Delivery

California-based Yamibuy ships everywhere in the US and Canada

You’ll notice a lot of the links go to Yamibuy. They are based in California and sell Chinese groceries and Asian household items with shipping across the US and Canada. Yamibuy tends to carry a wide variety of items and high-quality brands (plus great Asian beauty and skincare products). Even though they also sell fresh produce, for that I generally prefer FreshGoGo below.

Chinese Grocery Delivery

If you’re looking for Chinese grocery delivery, FreshGoGo is probably the most popular seller in my area. They’re like the FreshDirect of Chinese groceries with pantry ingredients, fresh produce, frozen goods, and even food from local Chinese restaurants! FreshGoGo provides home delivery or pickup centered in the Northeastern US — as far west as Kansas City and south as Tampa (coverage map).

Since they are regional, I didn’t include them in the shopping list links. In addition, they don’t carry as many brand options for pantry ingredients as Yamibuy. But for convenient produce, basics, and frozen dumplings, I highly recommend FreshGoGo.

If you’d like to sign up with my referral link for FreshGoGo, you get $10 off your first $25 order and I get a $10 coupon too. To sign up:

Need Help with Chinese Ingredients?

Having trouble finding any ingredients? Or looking for recommendations for something not on the list? Please leave a comment down below or contact me, and I will do my best to help!

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