Chinese food

Hubei Pearl Meatballs<br />湖北名菜 珍珠圆子

Hubei Pearl Meatballs
湖北名菜 珍珠圆子

A classic Hubei dish of steamed meatballs coated in a shimmering layer of glutinous rice. These pearl meatballs have a long history from the royal kitchens of imperial China to modern state dinners. But they’re festive, celebratory, and easy to make, so they’re the perfect choice for your next banquet.

Virtual Hotpot Party at Home 宅家云火锅

Virtual Hotpot Party at Home 宅家云火锅

Tis the season… for 云火锅 a virtual hotpot party! With this year being a holiday season like no other, I can’t think of a more warming and comforting meal than hotpot. Better yet, it’s perfectly suited for a socially-distanced dinner party with friends and family.

Food Processor Ground Meat (Easy Kitchen Hack)<br />别用绞肉机,食品加工机才像手工剁肉!

Food Processor Ground Meat (Easy Kitchen Hack)

Skip the supermarket ground pork. For the best texture in Chinese cooking, ground meat should be chopped by hand. A food processor makes it possible in a fraction of the time.

Pumpkin Mooncakes with Maple & Bacon<br />南瓜培根枫糖月饼

Pumpkin Mooncakes with Maple & Bacon

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋快乐!I’m celebrating fall’s bounty with authentic rich, flaky Suzhou-style mooncakes, with my modern filling pin: pumpkin with maple and bacon.

Shanghai Wonton Soup (Kosher-friendly)<br />上海菜肉馄饨(洁食版)

Shanghai Wonton Soup (Kosher-friendly)

Shanghai wontons come in two styles: small, pure meat wontons (a snack food) and large, meat and vegetable wontons (a meal). I’m making a kosher-friendly version of the big meal wontons, perfect for those who avoid pork and shellfish. Read on for important tips to make a great filling as well as detailed instructions for how to fold beautiful wontons.

Secrets of Stir Fry: Long Hot Peppers & Pork 小椒炒肉丝

Secrets of Stir Fry: Long Hot Peppers & Pork 小椒炒肉丝

Long hot peppers with pork are a classic Chinese stir fry combo. I’m sharing the best secrets for stir frying. Read on for the equipment and technique you need to achieve tender meat, crisp veggies, and wok hei “breath of the the wok” in any home kitchen.

Real Deal Sichuan Mapo Tofu<br />正宗麻婆豆腐

Real Deal Sichuan Mapo Tofu

Hot, spicy, mouthwatering Mapo Tofu embodies the ideals of Sichuan with bold spice and textural contrast. This dish has been a favorite across China since its invention in 1862. My version is so authentic, you’ll never eat takeout again! This recipe features the secret to cooking perfect cubes of tender silken tofu.

[Live Event] Yeasted Scallion Pancakes 葱油烧饼

[Live Event] Yeasted Scallion Pancakes 葱油烧饼

Join me for a live event with Yale Food on Thursday, August 6, at 5PM EDT. I’ll be showing you how to make yummy yeasted scallion pancakes! Learn with me step-by-step as we knead, roll, shape, and fry the dough.

Sichuan Hot & Sour Julienned Potatoes<br />酸辣土豆丝

Sichuan Hot & Sour Julienned Potatoes

The ultimate budget breakfast or dinner potato dish, Sichuan hot and sour julienned potatoes are crisp, spicy, and tart. They’re the perfect bite!

Essential Knife Skills for Chinese Cooking: Julienne<br />刀工技巧:切丝

Essential Knife Skills for Chinese Cooking: Julienne

I’m unlocking the most useful but most mysterious of knife cuts used in Chinese cooking, 切丝 julienne (perfect thin strips). My method is easy, safe, and minimal-waste. Once you master julienne, you’ll take your Chinese stir fries to the next level.