Hubei Pearl Meatballs<br />湖北名菜 珍珠圆子

Hubei Pearl Meatballs
湖北名菜 珍珠圆子

A classic Hubei dish of steamed meatballs coated in a shimmering layer of glutinous rice. These pearl meatballs have a long history from the royal kitchens of imperial China to modern state dinners. But they’re festive, celebratory, and easy to make, so they’re the perfect choice for your next banquet.

Sichuan Lazi Dry Pepper Chicken Wings<br />重庆辣子烤鸡翅

Sichuan Lazi Dry Pepper Chicken Wings

Dry pepper chicken (lazi chicken or mala chicken) is a popular dish from Chongqing, Sichuan featuring tender nuggets of fried chicken in aromatic peppers and Sichuan peppercorns. Join me as I make my game day or festive appetizer spin on this modern Sichuan classic featuring healthy, easy convection baked chicken wings.